I'm excited to share the highlights of our first-ever Clara for Daters (Not a dating app) "Spill the Tea Symposium".  It was an incredible day of connections, meaningful conversations, and insights on the intersection of dating, mental health, and wellness.

The impact on our mental health and society cannot be ignored. With BetterHelp reporting that 47% of Americans are stressed about their love lives.
The symposium brought together an amazing group of wellness influencers, matchmakers, dating experts, psychologists, daters, and dater advocates. We also had the pleasure of welcoming friends and family who are well-intentioned supporters of their single friends' quest for meaningful connections.
Our expert panel, including influential wellness leaders like Yaris Sanchez, Alyssa Mancao, LCSW, Les Alfred, Dr. Christie Kederian, and Jamilah Mapp, engaged in thought-provoking discussions about dating, health, and wellness. We emphasized how these elements intertwine to combat the loneliness and anxiety epidemic.
I want to express my gratitude to the LatinX community, especially as we closed Hispanic Heritage Month, and to the University of La Verne Clinical Psychology program and its doctoral students for their participation. The success of this event has inspired us to host more "Tea Parties" with diverse voices and perspectives as we build a community of daters seeking to make healthy connections.
Guests enjoyed personalized gifts, engaged with our interactive art piece "The Vibe Check," and savored a delightful tea party lunch and refreshments from our sponsors.
Our Spill the Tea Party was made possible by the creative genius of Marjorie Lashmet CEO of 329events and the installations crafted by Cali Craft Designs.

The private  Paddock Riding Club was transformed into "Claraland" with various activities for our guests, including bouquet making, airbrush and glitter stations, a photo booth, beauty bar and Tarot and Astrology readings.
I founded Clara for Daters after experiencing the challenges of dating firsthand, aiming to help others navigate the modern dating landscape more intentionally. Our app is not a dating platform but an interactive relationship management tool. It empowers daters to build healthy connections, promote behavioral change, and enhance mental wellness throughout their dating journey.
I'm excited about the future, as we aim to normalize dating due diligence, encourage open conversations, and move away from the pitfalls of modern dating's "situationship culture.". 

Thank you to everyone who made our symposium a success, and here's to a future filled with healthier connections and more meaningful relationships! 
Together we can empower social connection, one intentional date at a time!

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